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About the Military Education Office


Military Education Office

-- Introduction --

The mission of the Military Education Office is to provide students with military education,

give students essential guidance , and serve as Campus Security Report Center.

-- The Goals of the Military Education --

1. To encourage the students’national consciousness and inspire their patriotism.

2. To enforce students’knowledge of military and realize their civil and military education.

3. To cultivate students’martial arts and learn to protect our country and descendants.

4. To build up students’healthy daily habits and cultivate their personal dignity.

5. To maintain the peaceful environment and assure students’security on campus.

-- Organization --

The organization of the office consists of 1 director and 11 military and nursing training instructors

-- Teaching --

The office plans required courses and optional courses for students.

The topics of the courses are parts of the national defense education.

It orients students the general concepts including national security,

arm forces science and technology, theory of military arts,

history of war, and healthy nursing.

-- Service --

In addition to teaching, the office also gives essential counseling and services to students who come to ask for urgent help.

The office wants to assist students with difficult situations and provide students a safe place to study by keeping 24-hour security surveillance on campus.

The services include helping students about dealing with unexpected accidents, and other emergent situations.

--Contact us—



Feedback Mailbox E-mail:mi6199@ntub.edu.tw