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National Defense Education


1.National Defense Education and Military Education classes are compulsory and cannot be withdrawn for no reason

2.Students attending class should wear fitting casual clothes

3.Should not be late or leave early while attending class and should be seated according to the seat number

4.Scoring System

   A.Usual grades 60% Final exam 40% Final exam date follows the school calendar and will be given out as a form of an In-class exam

   B. If a student misses class (including all forms of leaves) combined over the 1/3 of the class times,

     will be forbidden to take the final exam according to the schools rule book

5.Take over, exempt and elective

   A.Students from different departments or students who wants to take the course should report to either their respective department office,

      Academic Affairs Office or the Military education office to go through the formalities and make sure which classroom to attend

      for class within the first week of a semester

   B.Students who meet the requirements for an exempt should report to the Military education office

      for formalities within the first two weeks of a semester